Track I

Part 1 Management Principles and the Records and Information (RIM) Program

A. Principles of Management

B. Human Resources/Staffing

C. Methodologies

D .Financial Considerations

E. Planning

F. Additional RIM Program Components

G. Directing and Monitoring a RIM Program

H. Ethical Responsibilities

I. Global Concerns of a RIM Program

Part 2 - Records and Information Creation and Use

A. Information Framework

B.Risk Assessments and Audits

C. Compliance

D. Information Security and Privacy

E. Information Creation

Part 3 - Record Storage, Retrieval, Conversion, and Facilities

A. Storage

B. Retrieval

C. Conversion

D. Facilities

Part 4 Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection and Disposition

A. Records Inventory

B. Records Appraisal

C. Retention Schedule Creation

D. Retention Schedule Implementation

E. Retention Schedule Administration

F. Vital Records Program

G. Business Continuity

H. Archives

Part 5 Technology

A. System Life Cycle

B. Architecture and Infrastructure

C. Life-Cycle Management

D. Imaging Technologies

E. Programs and Applications

Part 6 Test Preparation & Practice Test

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12 Approved ICRM Credits

12 Approved IGP Credits