IGP Track

Learning Objectives for the Two-Day Information Governance Professional Certification Prep Course

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  1. Define the IGP role and its value to the organization
  2. Identify and summarize the six domain areas
  3. Describe the requirements and registration process to sit for the IGP certification exam
  4. Apply study strategies to your IGP certification preparation

What is Information Governance (IG)?

ARMA International defines information governance as a strategic, cross-disciplinary framework composed of standards, processes, roles, and metrics that hold organizations and individuals accountable for the proper handling of information assets. The framework helps organizations achieve business objectives, facilitates compliance with external requirements, and minimizes risk posed by substandard information handling practices. Records and information management (RIM) is an essential building block of an information governance program.

An Information Governance Professional (IGP) is...

...a person who has earned ARMA's IG certification that demonstrates he or she has the strategic perspective and the requisite knowledge to help an organization leverage information for maximum value while reducing the costs and mitigating the risks associated with using and governing this important asset.

Mission of the Information Governance Professional (IGP) Certification Program:

Provide an information governance credential within an ethical and professional framework to support individuals to deliver organizational value and reduce risk.

IGP Governance Board

The IGP program is governed by the IGP Governance Board, which is incorporated separately from ARMA International. This board guides the certification program, provides outreach to the profession, and clearly separates the functions and decisions related to certification from other ARMA International programs and goals.

Feb. 14th Thursday

10:15 – Housekeeping about the IGP Exam

1:00 – Managing Information Risk and Compliance

3:00 – Developing an IG Strategic Plan

Feb. 15th Friday

8:30 – Developing an IG Framework

10:15 – Establishing an IG Program

1:00 – Establishing IG Business Integration and Oversigh

3:00 – Aligning Technology with the IG Framework

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